Miguel’s Pesticos is delighted to be open for business. Given the very unusual circumstances, we have modified our serving and procurement protocols to emphasize your safety and the safety of our employees

We offer two options:
a. 3-course set menu
b. 5-course set menu

Both set menus have vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The set menus are a temporary measure we have instituted in light of the events of the past few months. We expect fewer patrons for the moment, and in this time of societal shortage we believe it is our ethical duty to reduce food wastage. The set-menus offerings will change regularly.

New Safety Protocols:
1.Reservations only. Our patrons will be given their choice of time slots. No walk-ins are permitted.
2.We will serve a maximum of 8 people during a time slot. This is about 30% capacity. All social distancing norms will be strictly adhered to.
3.The Miguel’s team will have N95 Masks on during service, and will strictly follow all mandated hygiene standards.
4.Our open kitchen offers total visibility of the chefs and the food as it is prepared. Please feel free to ask questions of your servers.
5.Regular microbial disinfections will be conducted internally, including disinfection by an independent company, Diversy.
6.Please be punctual. We would like you to have the full Miguel’s experience, and the time slots have been allocated so you can enjoy in leisure the meal you have ordered. This is for the safety of all our patrons.
7.Patrons’ temperatures will be checked upon arrival via infrared thermometer. A foot pedestal sanitizer dispenser is available.
Miguel's is presently taking bookings for lunch and dinner.
Lunch timings: 1pm - 3:30pm
Dinner timings: 7pm - 10pm