About Us

Miguel’s is a cocktail and petiscos bar located in Bento Miguel, a heritage building in the heart of Fontainhas, Panjim. Drawing upon the rich history and culture of this celebrated neighbourhood, Miguels’s is an art-deco bar that serves as a friendly watering hole for both the residents of Panjim and the wandering visitor. Our food represents 450 years of Konkan- Portuguese culinary fusion, served in exciting contemporary formats. Our beautifully crafted cocktails and drinks hark back to the classic drinks of the 1920s and ‘30s.

Miguel’s has a ‘nose to tail’ approach towards the produce we use and has an open kitchen. You’ll see your drinks and your meal prepared right in front of you from scratch.

Miguel’s is the realisation of a longstanding dream for Dhruv and Ankush, who met at East Slope, the Sussex University bar, twenty years ago. They have been friends since. In honour of that bar and its importance to their friendship, their company is named East Slope Hospitality.


Varun Menghani

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Dhruv “Toots” Tuteja

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Ankush Gujral

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