Dhruv “Toots” Tuteja

Whether you like your cocktails sexy or sassy, relaxing or something with a little zing, Toots can mix ‘em all. He has previously managed high-end bars, clubs and restaurants in London and Brighton, two of England’s biggest party cities (WWWater Bar, Midnight Blues, Babushka, Magnolia, Cubar and Mango). During his time as manager of Babushka on Chelsea’s King’s Road – the street where London’s rich and famous go out to play – the establishment was awarded “Best Cocktail Bar of the Month” by Absolut Vodka. He was also awarded the “Viva la Diva Cointreaupolitan” cocktail promotion by Cointreau.

It is this refinement, experience and inventiveness that Toots will bring to each of the cocktails you drink at Miguel’s. The cocktail list draws from the established classics favoured by Humphrey Bogart and Ernest Hemingway, but these are entirely new fusions and flavours, using distinctive fresh ingredients and garnishments that Goa is famous for.